Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

PRKZ 001 Sirat-Un-Nabi, VOL. I, II & III, IV by Allama Shibi Nu'mani tr.. M. Tayyib Bakhsh         .
HB 4 volumes $32.00
PRMA 002 Muhammad The Holy Prophet by Hafiz Ghulam Sarwar.
Presents the facts of the promulgation of the faith of Islam by the Holy Prophet and the events of his life, supported by quotations from the Qur'an.
HB 424 pp. $12.00
PRDT 003 The Isra and Miraj: The Night-Journey and Ascent into Heaven by Abd-Allah Hajjaj.
HB 55 pp. $8.00
PRKZ 004 Prophethood in Islam by Abdul Hameed Siddiqi.
Exposition of the need for prophethood and the prophethood of Muhammad and its finality.
PB 92 pp. $3.00
PRIP 005 The Life of the Prophet by Sarwat Saulat.
Brief elaboration of the highlights of the Prophet's life.
PB 125 pp. $3.00
PRMA 006 Ta'wil Al-Ahadith by Shah Waliyullah tr. G.N. Jalbani.
Small treatise dealing with the interpretation of the stories concerning the prophets whose names are mentioned in the Holy Qu'ran and the events that took place during their days.
HB 103 pp. $5.00
PRKZ 007 The Life of Muhammad by Abdul Hameed Siddiqi.
HB 324 pp. $12.00
PRII 008 Madinan Society at the Time of the Prophet, Vol. II The Jihad Against the Mushrikun by Akram Diya al Umari.
Deals with the all-important subject of the relations of the struggling new community with the forces that threatened its very existence in its beginning.
HB 266 pp. $24.95
PRKB 009 Al-Amin: A Life-sketch of the Prophet Muhammed by Marmaduke Muhammed Pickthall.
Presents the life of the Prophet Muhammed at Mecca and Medina separately.
HB 64 pp. $ 4.00
PRIF 010 The Makkan Crucible by Zakaria Bashier.
Based on original Arabic sources and modern writings on the Sirah, it is a powerful restatement of the Makkan life of the Prophet and a searching analysis of the Jahiliyyah environment.
PB 240 pp. $16.00
PRIF 011 Hijra: Story and Significance by Zakaria Bashier.
Account of the story of Hijra.
PB 122 pp. $8.00
PRNA 012 Muhammad, The Ideal Prophet by S. Sulaiman Nadvi.
HB 196 pp. $7.00
PRIF 013 Sunshine at Madinah: Studies in the Life of the Prophet Muhammad by Zakaria Bashier.
A sequel to the Makkan Crucible and the Hijra, it studies the life of the Prophet from a new perspective, highlighting the nature and characteristics of the state and society that he was able to establish.
PB 232 pp. $14.00
PRNA 014 Muhammad Rasulullah by S. Abul Hasan Ali Nadvi.
A biography of the Holy Prophet that combines historical objectivity with Shah Waliullah's style.
HB 492 pp. $15.00
PRIP 015 Muhammad - The Benefactor of Humanity (PBUH) by Naeem Siddiqui tr. Rahm Ali Hashmi.
Abridged English version of "Mohsin-e-Insaniyat."
PB 277 pp. $6.00
PRNA 016 Pathway to Medina by S. Abul Hasan Ali Nadwi tr. Dr. M.A. Kidwi.
Collection of speeches and articles relating to the biography of the Holy Prophet by the renowned author.
HB 166 pp. $6.00
PRII 018 Letters of The Holy Prophet tr. Sultan Ahmed Qureshi.
Compilation of the letters, treaties, agreements and injunctions of the most praised of all human beings.
PB 163 pp. $4.00
PRIP 019 Foreign Policy of Muhammad (SAW) by M. Siddique Qureshi.
Detailed chronology and exposition of the Prophet's ghazwas and expeditions, treaties, deputation, declarations and letters.
HB 366 pp. $8.00
PRMA 020 Thus Spoke the Holy Prophet by Bannett & Browne.
Book comprises gleaning from the Holy Qur'an and the Traditions of the Holy Prophet of Islam.
PB 158 pp. $4.00
PRNA 021 Islamic Concept of Prophethood by Abul Hasan Ali Nadwi.
Based on lectures, this book addresses such questions as the need of prophethood for the well-being of humanity and the progress of civilization, distinctive characteristics of the Messenger of God and the role of divine apostles as guides of humanity.
HB 235 pp. $8.00
PRIP 022 Finality of Prophethood by Sayyid Abul Ala Maududi.
Dispels all doubts about the final ministry of the Prophet Muhammad; intended to help prevent false claims of modern prophethood from ignorant Muslims.
PB 72 pp. $3.00
PRII 023 Muhammad (SAW) - The Biblical Prophet by Dr. M.H. Durrani.
Tells how the advent of the Holy Prophet was foretold in the Bible. Written by a former Anglican priest.
PB 80 pp. $3.00
PRNA 024 Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in the Mirror of His Supplications by Abul Hasan Ali Nadwi.
Essay originally written for the Karachi magazine Faran which emphasizes the aspects of the Prophet's supplications that reveal his prophetic wisdom and attempts to present the Holy Prophet in a new context.
PB 43 pp. $3.00
PRIF 025 A Day with the Prophet by Ahmad von Denffer.
A selection from Hadith shows a typical day in the life of the Prophet. Revised edition with Arabic.
PB 94 pp. $6.50
PRIF 026 The Life of the Prophet Muhammad by Abdal Rahman Azzam.
A booklet gives a bird's eye view of the life and achievements of the Prophet.
PB 26 pp. $3.00
PRIF 027 Remembrance and Prayer: The Way of the Prophet Muhammad by Shaykh Muhammad
al-Ghazali tr. Yusuf Talal De Lorenzo.
Describes how the Prophet would remember Allah and pray to Him.
PB 232 pp. $14.00
PRGT 528 Muhammad: His Life Based on the Earliest Sources by Martin Lings.
PB $20.95
PRRB 530 From Miraj to Domes by I.H. Qureshi.
PRRB 531 The Life of Muhammad (Ibn Ishaq's Sirat Rasul Allah) tr. A. Guillaume.
The translator used Ibn Hisham's abridgement and also included many additions and variations found in the writings of early authors. The book thus presents in English pratically all that is known of the life of the prophet.
HB 813 pp. $32.00
PRRB 532 The Prophet of Islam by Qutubuddin Aziz.
PRRB 533 The Prophet and the Islamic State by Qutubuddin Aziz.
PRKB 534 The Orations of Muhammad (Arabic-English) compiled & tr. Maulana Muhammad Ubaidul 
HB 112 pp. $3.00
PRKB 535 The Speeches and Table-Talk of the Prophet Muhammad tr. Stanley Lane-Poole.
Aims to present all that is most enduring and memorable in the public orations and private sayings of the Holy Prophet.
HB 206 pp. $4.00
PRIA 536 Essays on the Life of Muhammad by Syed Ahmed Khan.
HB $12.00
PROM 537 And Muhammad Is His Messenger: The Veneration of the Holy Prophet in Islamic
Piety by Annemarie Schimmel.
PB $13.95
PRIB 538 The Life of Muhammad by M. Husayn Haykal tr. Ismail Raji al-Faruqi.
PB 639 pp. $12.95
HB 639 pp. $ 14.95
PRKZ 801 Hajj a't-ul-Wida' (The Farewell Hajj) tr. Barkat Ali.
Translation of the speech made by the Prophet after His final pilgrimage to Mecca. With Arabic text and translator's explanations and comments.
PB 16 pp. $3.00
PRIP 802 Rahmatul-Lil-Alameen (Mercy for the Worlds) Vols. I, II & III by Qazi Muhammad
Sulaiman Salmon Mansoorpuri.
Provides the letters and sermons of the Prophet in a comprehensive biographical account of His life.
HB Volume I - III 280, 412 & 421 pp. $48.00
PRIB 803 Message of Prophet's Seerat by Syed abul A'ala Maududi.
PB 36 pages $3.00
PRIP 804 The Message of Muhammad (Prophet Muhammad and His Mission) by Athar Husain.
Covers almost every facet of His life and work. His role as a member of society, as a Divine messenger and a great worker in the cause of human welfare.
PB 215 pp. $10.00
PRIP 805 The Battles of The Prophet of Allah by Gulzar Ahmad.
PB Volume I & II 620 pp. $12.95
PRIP 806 Muhammad as a Military Leader by Afzalur Rahman.
HD 315 pp. $8.00
PRIF 807 Muhammad: Aspects of His Biography by Ziauddin Sardar.
This book gives some absorbing and enthralling glimpses of the gloriously rich life of the Prophet, inspiring and moving youth to emulate the best man that ever walked on God's earth.
PB 68 pp. $9.95
PRII 808 The Holy Prophet Muhammad (from a new angle) by M. H. Durrani.
PB 63 pp. $3.00
PRKZ 809 Who Was Muhammad by Safdar Hosain.
PB 132 pp. $3.00
PRKZ 810 Only A Prophet Could Do It... by Abdul-Hassan Ali Nadawi.
PB 27 pp. $3.00
PRKX 811 Mercy For The Worlds by Abul Hasan Ali Nadvi.
PB 32 pp. $3.00
PRKZ 812 Miracles of the Prophet Muhammad compiled by M. A. Qazi.
PB 75 pp. $3.00
PRII 813 Uswai Rasoo-e-Akram by Mohammad Abdul Hai & Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi.
The life example and teachings of The Prophet Muhammad. A complete code of how to live and how to die.
HB 440 pp. $12.00
PRAD 814 The Prophet of the Desert by Khalid Latif Gauba.
Depicts memorable events of Muhammad's amazing career.
HB 190 pp. $5.00
PTDT 815 Jewel of Guidance (Advice from the Prophet Muhammad) compiled by Hamzah
Muhammad Salih Ajjaj.
PB 87 pp. $10.00
PRII 816 Hadrat Muhammad by Rafi Ahmed Fidai.
PB 83 pp. $3.00
PRQZ 818 Battles By The Prophet by S.A.H. Rizvi.
It contains the most authentic account of all the seven major battles fought by Muhammad, all based on the testimony of the Holy Prophet.
HB 160 pp. $12.00
PRSA 819 Prophetic Medical Sciences by Hazrat Maulana Ahmad Saeed Dehlvi.
Discusses in detail how to cure illness both with prayers and medicines.
HB 225 pp. $8.00
PRNE 820 Shamaa-il Tirmidhi with Commentary by Maulana Muhammad Zakariyya Kandhelwi.
An abridged form of Imam Tirmidhi's famous Shamaa-il in which he has recorded everything about the Holy Prophet on the authority of the companions.
HB 460 pp. $8.00
PRAD 821 The Family of the Holy Prophet by S. M. Madani.
A comprehensive and authentic biography of the pious wives and the children of the Holy Prophet Muhammad.
HB 207 pp. $6.00
PRTJ 822 Prayers of Muhammad compiled & tr. by A. H. Farid.
This book contains all the prayers mentioned in the Holy Qur'an and embodied prayers selected from the traditions of Muhammad the Prophet of Islam.
HB 315 pp. $6.00
PRII 823 The Prophet of Peace and Humanity by Qutubuddin Aziz.
PB 66 pp. $3.00
PRNO 824 Muhammad: The Greatest Leader by Zahur-ul-Haque.
A Biography in which His personality is vividly projected in full light of history.
HB 120 pp. $4.00
PRIA 826 The Hero As Prophet Mahomet Islam by Thomas Carlyle.
PB 41 pp. $3.00
PRIB 827 Muhammad in Parsi, Hindoo and Buddhist Scriptures by A. H. Vidyarthi and U. Ali.
Interesting dissertation backed by numerous quotations from the scriptures by a Hindu and a Buddhist Savant.
HB 250 pp. $10.00
PRNO 828 The Last Prophet and His Teachings by Abdul Majeed.
An English resume of the classic seven volume Seerat-Un-Nabi by Shibli Nomani.
HB 656 pp. $16.00
PRUB 820 The Finality of Prophethood by Allama Hafiz Muhammad Ayub Dehlvi.
PB 55 pp. $3.00
PRRB 821 Lyric Homage to the Last of Prophets Hadrat Mohammad by Jamil Naqvi.
HB 125 pp $7.50
PRRB 822 Mohammed: Glimpses of the Prophet's Life & Times by Zahir Ahmed.
PB 221 pp. $12.00
PRMA 824 Mohammad and Teachings of Qur'an by John Davenport.
PB 135 pp. $3.00
PRMA 825 The Shadowless Prophet of Islam by Syed Abdul Wahab.
Treatise on the spiritual aspect of the Prophet's life and spiritualism of Islam as taught by Him.
HB 18 pp. $3.00
PRMA 826 Muhammad by Sheikh Abdur Rahman Lutz.
PB 26 pp. $3.00
PRID 827 Mohammed: The Prophet of Islam by Fazl Ahmed.
PB 119 pp. $3.00
PRUB 828 The Life of Mahohet by Sir William Muir.
HB 556 pp. $32.00
PRIA 829 Muhammad: The Final Messenger by Majid Ali Kahn.
The guiding motive of the learned author is to give an objective description of the life of the Prophet of Islam to the world.
HB 433 pp. $12.00
PRAD 830 The Prophet's Concept of War by Gulzar Ahmed.
PB 216 pp. $6.00
PRCR 831 Muhammad: The Prophet of Islam by Rama Krishna Rao.
PB 30 pp. $3.00
PRAD 832 Mohammad in World Scriptures by A. Haq Vidyarthi.
Contains prophecies about the advent of the Holy Prophet in the various world scriptures.
HB 240 pp. $12.00
PRNO 833 Muhammad, The Prophet Who Gave a New Dimension by S. M. H. Mashoor.
PB 55 pp. $3.00
PRIS 834 Wisdom of Prophet Muhammad by Muhammad Amin.
HB 200 pp. $6.00
PRIA 835 Prophet's Diplomacy by Afzal Iqbal.
The Art of Negotiation as Conceived and Developed by the Prophet of Islam.
PB 135 pp. $8.00
PRNA 837 The Final Prophet and The Perfect Religion by S. Abul Hasan Ali Nadwi.
PB 27 pp. $3.00
PRNA 838 Mankind's Debt to the Prophet Muhammad by S. Abul Hasan Ali Nadwi.
PB 20 pp. $3.00
PRKZ 839 The Prophet of Islam: The Ideal Husband by Syed Abu Zafar Zain.
Expounds the ideal behavior of the Muslim husband based on the Prophet. Also addresses many questions raised by non-Muslims concerning marital practices of the Prophet and what Islam condones and condemns in marriage.
PB 61 pp. $3.00
PRSE 840 The Proof of Prophethood by Al-Imam ar-Rabbani Ahmad Al-Faruqi.
English translation of the last part off the book Sharh-i-Mawaqif.
HB 105 pp. $4.00
PRKB 841 Sermons of the Prophet (PBUH) by S.F. H. Faizi.
This book is a collection of the sermons delivered on various occasions by Prophet Muhammad. The book mainly consist of the original Arabic Text of the various sermons and their translation in English as well as elucidating the main points mentioned and describing the various situations under which these sermons were delivered.
HB 170 pp. $6.00
PRNA 842 Prophet Mohammad and His Mission by S. Athar Husain.
This book is a concise yet comprehensive study of the fascinating life and work of Prophet Muhammad. It dispels many erroneous notions about Islam by presenting the historical events in the right perspective.
HB 215 pp. $6.00
PRTA 843 The Life of the Prophet Muhammad Tahia Al-Ismail.
His life based on the earliest sources.
PB 223 pp. $11.50
PRRB 844 The Prophet and His Message by Khalifa Abdul Hakim.
In the part dealing with the life of the Prophet, the author provides an illuminating background to the Prophet's message to the World.
HB 465 pp. $10.00
PRTA 845 The Prophet of Peace and Humanity Qutubuddin Aziz.
PB 67 pp. $2.50
PRTA 846 Sixth Century and Beyond - The Prophet and his Times M. Abdulla Pasha.
The Book provides an analytical and accurate study of the life of Muhammad who changed the direction of the world, His example should provide a solution to the present day turbulence and uncertainties which are similar to those of the times of the Prophet.
PB 202 pp. $12.50
PRIF 847 Muhammad: The Perfect Model for Humanity by Mustafa Ahmad al-Zarqa.
Tells how the Prophet Muhammad has been the most influential figure in human history, representing a unique yet harmonious blending of roles as diverse as spiritual guide and military commander, and devoted worshippers and head of state.
PB 35 pp. $4.50
PRIC 848 Muhammad: The Prophet of Revolution Maulana Wahiduddin Khan.
In making the Prophet Muhammad the greatest figure, and consequently one of the most resplendent landmarks in human history, God has bestowed his greatest favor on mankind.
PB 228 pp. $8.00
PRII 849 Essays On Islam Edited by Hakim Mohammed Said.
This volume comprises article on "Monotheism and the Prophethood of Muhammad (P.B.H.) the basic foundation of Muslim belief.
HB 350 pp. $40.00
PRSA 850 Ar-Raheeq Al-Makhtum (The Sealed Nectar) Biography of the Noble Prophet by   
Safi-ur-Rahman al-Mubarakpuri Muhammad.
The book consists mainly of the original Arabic text of the various sermons, their translation in English, as well as elucidating the main points mentioned and describing the various situations under which these sermons were delivered.
HB 500 pp. $19.95
PRDT 851 Muhammad: His Life, His Miracles, with His Companions by Dr. Mustafa Mahmoud.
In this book the autor explains what is most extraordinary about the character of the Prophet. The author recounts and comments on various episodes of the life of the Prophet, demonstrating the unique character of the man and the divine inspiration that guided him in every aspect and every moment of his mission.
PB 68 pp. $12.00
PRHI 852 Life of the Prophet by Mustafa Sabi.  
The author has made a study of life of the holy Prophet with special reference to Dawah and role of Daee and he has presented sum and substance of following the footsteps of the great Prophet.
PB 96 pp. $4.00

PRDT 853 Teach Yor Children The Love of the Prophet by Muhamm ad Adu Yamani.  
It is by teaching our children to love the Prophet and to hold fast to the Shari'a and the Sunna heembodies that the true springs of faith will take toot in their hearts.
PB 76 pp. $12.00
PRDT 854 Portrait of Human Perfection (A description of the appearance and character of the Prophet Muhammad)
by Shaykh Almad Muhammad Al-Hawfi.
This book explains in detail this perfection manifested itseLf in the daily life of the Prophet.  It also provieds a vivid descriotion of his physical appearance and attributes.
PB 130 pp. $18.00

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